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10 Most Common Fears About Making the Senior Living Decision

Deciding to move into a senior living community can be a truly sensitive process. It’s a situation that runs the gamut of emotions for the person involved, and families and loved ones as well. Do you feel scared, sad, confused, guilty, or even angry? If so, you’re not alone.

Imagine being among those older adults who have worked through their worries and are now satisfied with the results – those relieved, happy, enthusiastic, and fulfilled residents who call their senior living community “home.”

Let’s explore the ten most common fears about this transition, how to triumph over them, and how to confidently find the right community living option for you.

Fear That You’ll Lose Your Freedom 
While the transition to community living will naturally bring with it some change, don’t be apprehensive about sacrificing privacy or control over your own life. Many senior living options provide a continuum of care with multiple levels of support, enabling you to strike the right balance for your specific needs, now and well into the future. Whether independent living, assisted living, or memory care, communities are designed to promote residents’ independence and respect individual preferences, privacy, and choice.  

Fear of Change
The idea of moving to a different home, and ultimately altering one’s entire life, can be understandably overwhelming. Along with the physical space-changing, maybe you also feel nervous about changing the routines to which you’ve become accustomed. However, you might be surprised to find just how many daily habits transfer over exactly or closely! A welcoming community makes it easy to familiarize yourself, so you fit right in without missing a beat. More than that, this should be a time to embrace change as a window to new adventures that keep you young!

Fear of Saying “Goodbye” to Your Home
Many seniors – and their relatives – cite their emotional attachment to a treasured family home or neighborhood as a reason why they avoid this decision. We recommend opening up a sincere discussion about the subject, listening to everyone’s thoughts, and finding a mutually respectful solution. Letting go of a memory-filled abode can be difficult, but doing so can bring motivation to downsize, and a liberating, maintenance-free lifestyle. Begin forging new, wonderful memories with your loved ones instead of maintaining a house. 

Fear of Surrendering Your Legacy
Likewise, some people believe it’s imperative to hang on to their home and property to bequeath it – or to be on the receiving end of such an inheritance. But remember: The security, comfort, and total wellness of the senior in question should be the priority. Have a chat with your loved ones about your intentions in this regard, weigh everyone’s expectations, and come to a fair conclusion. Seek help with estate planning, a process that can minimize disputes and maximize security – guaranteeing that your wishes are honored and your legacy is protected.  

Fear of Financial Restrictions
At first glance, it might seem that staying in your current home would be less expensive or even “free.” But even without a mortgage, look closely at the numerous costs accrued in maintaining it: constant repairs and upkeep, renovations to accommodate changing accessibility issues, various utilities, cable, internet, property taxes, insurance premiums, and more. Add to that the possible healthcare expenses that are built into a senior living community. 

To address any doubts, consult with financial advisors who can help with assessing your available resources (selling your home, downsizing, government programs, aid from loved ones, etc.). Like many residents, you might discover that senior living is more fiscally beneficial than you realize.

Fear of Being Overloaded by the Undertaking
We often hear that people become frustrated by, or nervous about, the myriad of decisions and responsibilities involved in the transition process. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Rather, recruit senior relocation professionals to guide you. Along with your family members, friends, and/or caregivers, they can support you in condensing tasks into smaller, manageable goals and accomplishing them more easily.

Fear of Your Health Holding You Back
As we grow older, physical and cognitive limitations begin to bring more challenges, sometimes keeping us from moving forward. That’s the best time to transition into a senior living community. Unlike your family home, communities are designed with an elder’s evolving needs and accessibility issues in mind. They are staffed by trained professionals who know how to tailor supportive care to enhance your complete wellness. 

Fear of Being Alone During This Transition
Do you need a support network? Some seniors realize that they’re flying solo in this endeavor and don’t know where to reach out. If that’s the case, contact senior living communities and/or services and support groups geared toward older adults, which should offer advice and camaraderie. Once you’ve made your move to the ideal place, be prepared to enjoy the connections and sense of belonging you’ll feel, socializing with new friends and neighbors! 

Fear of Making the Wrong Choice
Making a move is a big decision and there are many factors to consider. But don’t let so-called “analysis paralysis” over what you believe to be a permanent decision prevent you from taking the next steps in your journey. That’s where detailed research, conversations with trusted experts, family members, and friends, and in-person visits to potential communities will give you confidence. Also bear in mind that nearly every choice can be overturned later, in the event it doesn’t ultimately suit you. 

Fear of Finality
Sometimes, seniors shy away from what they perceive as their last living situation. There’s no denying the flood of emotions that such a notion can bring. Instead, we recommend a focus on the valuable time you’ll have to enjoy purposeful living. Revel in the wide range of advantages, connections, and opportunities presented by an amazing and engaging senior community. 

Do you have any of these fears about senior living, or fears that are uniquely your own?
If you’re seeing signs it’s time to consider a senior living community, but you’re nervous about making a change, reach out to an expert. At Cardinal Bay, we understand just how significant this decision can be. We’re standing by to help relieve your concerns and answer any questions you have regarding our communities and senior living. 
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