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CARDINAL BAY Social Engagement

Your Social Connections in a Senior Living Community

Considering a move to a senior living community, but worried about whether you will find the vibrant social life you need – and love? Take heart, because the right environment will help you sustain current relationships with family, and friends while cultivating new ones with a community of friends, neighbors, and staff.

Senior living communities should provide a robust, structured calendar of group activities and events and a setting that also accommodates casual gatherings, presenting meaningful opportunities to socialize.


Why Is Socializing Important for Elderly People?

Seniors experience many benefits from establishing and enjoying personal, face-to-face relationships, and some of them might surprise you. In a nutshell, older adults who interact frequently tend to:

  • Experience better, overall health.

  • Feel happier and more fulfilled.

  • Enjoy a greater sense of belonging and purposefulness.

  • Reap the rewards of being valued contributors to their community.

  • Live longer.

Alternatively, seniors – a population more vulnerable to isolation and loneliness – can suffer devastating physical and mental effects from dwindling socialization. According to research supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), these outcomes include high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and even early death.


How Do Senior Living Communities Help You Socialize?

Whether seeking independent living, assisted living, or memory care, look for a community with a relationship-centered approach to living. The community should feature lifestyle arrangements and programs that put relationships at the center of everything. This focus should:

  • Connect you with a network of friends.

  • Keep partnerships between residents, family members, staff, and the overall community strong and active.

  • Evoke a genuine sense of family.

  • Emphasize your value and unique contributions.

Every day, you and fellow residents can share in an abundance of meaningful opportunities to forge friendships. You can take advantage of a supportive network already integrated into senior living communities which simply does not exist for individuals living on their own.

For more details about this practical, research-based, and science-backed philosophy – and its vital significance for seniors – check out Cardinal Bay’s Relationship-Centered Living Series.


What Are the Ways You Can Interact in Senior Care Facilities?

From morning to night, in the comfort of your home environment, you’ll have face-to-face contact with next-door neighbors, dining room tablemates, exercise classmates, numerous fellow residents, team members, volunteers, and guests. Even pets! Of course, you always maintain control of how you spend your valuable time.

Connect over a wealth of possibilities for exploring new and long-loved hobbies and interests, expressing your talents, learning skills, igniting passions – and simply having fun – together.

Look for these ways to engage and more:

  • Inspiring interests and hobbies.

You can hit it off with others – and learn and share skills while partaking in both scheduled and impromptu pastimes. Many communities offer classes in art, gardening, and cooking, and planned social clubs, like book clubs or crocheting and knitting clubs. Enjoy group games, like bingo, cards, poker, dominoes, and other favorites. Piece together puzzles, and scrapbooks or learn about new technology. Read, pray, study the Bible, attend a multi-faith service, or simply relax in peaceful silence.

  • Engaging in events and outings.

Senior living communities should plan frequent, crowd-pleasing happenings, such as live entertainment, dances, casino nights, movie nights, ice cream socials, happy hours, birthday parties, and holiday gatherings. A variety of outings and group trips should be regularly organized – complete with chauffeured transportation – to shops, restaurants, coffee houses, libraries, parks, movie theaters, houses of worship, and local attractions and landmarks.

  • Healthy exercise habits.

Join others for regular exercise and boost your body, mind, spirit, and self-sufficiency, too. Search for senior communities with a fully equipped fitness center and wellness programs, monitored by hands-on trainers and staff. Participate in group fitness classes, such as yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Sit & Fit Aerobics, and dance, plus plenty of stimulating games and activities. Or, set off on a lovely around the community grounds and trails, or in a local park.

  • Hearty mealtime conversations.

Treat yourself to your favorite foods and soul-nurturing companionship. You can invite anyone to the table, in a restaurant-style dining room, around the barbecue, on the patio, at the community ice cream parlor, in a private event space, at a local restaurant, or in your own home.

  • Volunteer programs and deeds.

Get involved with community-led ways to give back. Lend a hand through food and school supplies drives, fundraising for great causes, contributing to local shelters, assisting with local events, supporting nearby churches, and more. Finding a sense of purpose while serving your neighbors is fulfilling for you and a blessing to others.

  • Welcoming spaces to gather.

Besides your own private home, the senior living community should offer cozy spaces to unwind and entertain: sitting rooms, dining rooms, a library, a beauty salon and/or barbershop, outdoor areas, and more. They can be welcoming spaces to spark stimulating discussions, host visits with families, friends, and neighbors, and connect one-on-one or collectively with others.


Ultimately, the best senior living communities employ a team committed to relationship-centered living. Everyone should work together to ensure residents take advantage of every opportunity to experience community while strengthening social, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual wellness.


Where Can You Find a Friendly Senior Living Community Where You’ll Flourish?

Explore relationship-centered senior living options in your area, where you can benefit from a supportive “village” environment. Cardinal Bay provides independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities in Texas and Oklahoma. Here, our residents experience daily interactions and a wealth of stimulating activities – and truly thrive. Meet us by scheduling a complimentary visit today!

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