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Senior considering Assisted Living

Cardinal Bay – 7 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

Am I Ready for Senior Living? Ask Yourself These Questions

Do you know the reasons why people move into senior living communities? Are you already recognizing some signs you should consider independent living, assisted living or memory care?

The answer to when it’s time can be different for everybody, but knowing it for yourself – and acting on it straightaway – can mean the difference between a life with evolving challenges, or one that’s exceptionally vibrant and makes you feel even more valued.

Trying to decide whether or not you’re ready for senior living? Begin by asking yourself the following questions and reading our thoughts on any affirmative responses.

Am I Old Enough to Move into Senior Living?

Maybe you still feel youthful and think that “settling down” into a “boring” retirement will put a real damper on your vivaciousness. Maybe you’re concerned that your autonomy will be stripped away. While age can certainly be a factor, it’s not the only factor, and some residents choose to transition into community living at a younger age.

That’s because senior living communities empower even the most active, healthy residents to enjoy life on their own terms, spending time devoted to the people and pursuits they love – rather than to excessive stresses.

Independent living communities, in particular, allow for more privacy, and yet are supplemented by everyday conveniences. They are popular for older adults who wish to downsize and/or travel freely without the usual burdens of managing a home by themselves. Some options offer a specialized continuum of care, so that residents can age in place within the same community, potentially transitioning into assisted living or memory care as their needs change.

Do I Live Alone? Do I Feel Lonely Or Depressed?

Simply living by yourself is a valid and common reason to consider senior living. Perhaps you have lost a spouse, or your family members and friends have moved farther away. Maybe you no longer have the capacity to go out and socialize whenever you want, or the motivation to do so. Or, even if you do reside with others, you could feel isolated when they’re at work, busy or merely preoccupied. Whatever your situation, a lack of companionship can bring feelings of  emptiness – and pose an all-around threat.

Research shows that the importance of socialization cannot be underestimated, especially for older adults, and that positive relationships are the scientific secret to staying well in our golden years. Fortunately, senior living communities provide a built-in social network and instant opportunities to cultivate friendships, while participating in a variety of interests, activities and events.

Do I Need Help with Routine Activities?

Have once-easy, essential tasks become overwhelming, or even merely annoying or uncomfortable hassles? If so, senior living can provide a maintenance-free lifestyle and professional care that’s customized to your individual needs.

The best assisted living communities offer residents a relationship-centered home environment with support available onsite for daily living activities (such as getting dressed, showering, personal care, using the restroom, escort services and medication management). Communities also provide a variety of hospitality-based services and amenities (housekeeping, laundry and landscaping services, meals, transportation, activities and events, fitness center, hair salon, etc.). Utilities and other household expenses are often consolidated into one monthly rental fee, which simplifies the tiresome task of bill payment.

Am I Having Trouble Preparing Meals?

Planning ahead. Traveling to and from the grocery store. Cooking your food safely. Cleaning up. Doing it all over again, in order to feed yourself three healthy meals or more per day. There’s a lot that goes into proper meal preparation. When that becomes too difficult, and unhealthy patterns emerge, you’re suddenly vulnerable to poor nutrition, weight loss/gain, reduced strength and the complications caused by taking medications on an empty stomach.

Alternatively, a senior living community’s chef and dining services team can manage this process, while you simply show up to the table and chat with your neighbors. Nourishing, delicious menus tailored to your tastes, dietary needs and schedule are daily highlights for senior living residents. Some might even argue that not having to tidy up the kitchen afterward is the best part!

Do I Have Health-Related Issues That Require Some Guidance?

Do you get mixed up with your prescriptions, or when scheduling doctor visits? Do you struggle to drive or to climb the stairs? Are you prone to falls? As our medical conditions become more complex, it’s worth considering the regular, onsite care and supervision and excellent accessibility found in an assisted living facility.

Compassionate team members can help ensure that you take your medications correctly, arrange health care services, remember medical appointments, coordinate transportation and drive you where you need to go. That can be a relief, especially when the alternative involves fearing or fending off unpredictable circumstances, hiring a home care aide or relying on busy family members who just don’t seem to have the time.

Do I Get Forgetful or Confused More Often?

As we grow older, some forgetfulness and confusion can be typical. But when it happens, you’re putting yourself in jeopardy of:

  • Making mistakes with your medication.

  • Running hazardous appliances unattended.

  • Accidentally starting a fire on your stove.

  • Misplacing important items, documents, or information.

  • Being burglarized by leaving your doors unlocked or open.

  • Getting lost while outside of your home or driving.

Assisted living communities lend a helping hand so you can avoid situations like these and others that result in stress or threats to your safety. Likewise, they provide extra security and 24/7 supervision, such as emergency response programs and call systems.

For seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other forms of memory loss, memory care communities also offer knowledgeable, specialized recreation and activities, brain health fitness programming, behavioral support and additional precautions, including wander protection, secured doors, increased security, and enhanced staffing.

If the answer is “yes,” to any of the questions above, begin by taking these next steps.

Do any of the scenarios above apply to you? They are signs it’s time to consider a senior living community and plan now for your enduring peace of mind – before the risks and worries continue to rise. In carrying out the preparation process, you’ll need to think about a number of factors, including:

  • Figuring out the level of care you require, whether it be independent living, assisted living or memory care.

  • Choosing your ideal retirement location.

  • Understanding the costs and how to finance senior living.

  • How to transition from your current living situation into senior living as seamlessly as possible.

  • How to create an enriching routine and flourish fabulously in your new home.

Cardinal Bay’s experts can help with all of these challenges. For those looking for a more exceptional quality of life, reach out to us today. We’ll support you with respectful guidance through every aspect of a move, from finding the best fit in our resort-style senior living communities in Texas and Oklahoma, to maintaining your ongoing physical, spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional wellness.

In our dynamic, relationship-centered environment, residents stay active and engaged, enjoying a wealth of stimulating activities and daily social interactions. Observe for yourself how they thrive by scheduling a complimentary visit. Explore more by reading Cardinal Bay’s free, valuable resources, which are dedicated to the seniors and their caregivers navigating this next chapter. Subscribe to our blog, plus access our eBook, Your Elementary Guide to Senior Living and Care Options in Texas and Oklahoma. Get your copy now!

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